About me

My training

My name is Natalie, and I love all things fitness. I have competed in two strong woman competitions and tried my hand at bodybuilding. I train like a monster and love to feel strong. I am a qualified personal trainer, military instructor and a health and fitness writer – welcome to my blog.

A bit about me…

I am in my final year of my journalism degree and it’s been the most incredible experience, I can’t believe how soon it will be coming to an end. I came to university to change my life and pursue something I was actually passionate about. I was never interested in pursuing higher education at 18, so after seven years of crappy sales jobs I decided enough was enough. I chose journalism because I am curious about the world around me, there are so many stories waiting to be told and I find it such a thrill and incredibly exciting that I could be the person to discover them. I love throwing myself into things, doing things that terrify me and always stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s scary but the feeling is exhilarating and unlike any other.

During my time at university, I have done things I only dreamed of doing. I’ve interviewed Olympic two-time old gold medallist Lizzie Yarnold in front of a live audience. Off the back of that I have been asked to a host a live interview with Jessica Hynes the actress later this month! I am a presenter on the universities radio station, I have interviewed people like Sir Vince Cable, and Ed Barker (George Michael’s saxophonist). I freelanced for the Oxford Mail newspaper and got to interview top athletes at Bodypower. I am now a published writer for Men’s Health magazine. Amongst many other amazing opportunities university has given to me, these are just a few that I’ve experienced.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and any questions you have about training or diet just drop me a line.