About me

Hello! ūüôā

I’m Natalie and welcome to my fitness journal.

I am a 26 year old¬†student studying Journalism at the University of Gloucestershire. I am also a big health and fitness enthusiast with¬†aspirations of becoming a body fitness competitor and fitness model.¬†I’ve always been invigorated by lifting weights, feeling strong and generally feeling good about myself. Even when things have been tough, a training session can always lift my spirits and set my head straight.

Back in college I studied sport science and shortly after qualified as a personal trainer. The dream was to train rich celebrities, earn loads of cash, drive an Audi R8 and have the body of Jessica Ennis-Hill. (I can dream right?) But it didn’t take long for reality to give me a slap and for me to realise that the dream wasn’t impossible, it was just going to take¬†years of commitment, dedication and a whole load of networking. At 18 years old, this all seemed too much like hard work so I went into sales.¬†When I was younger all I wanted was to earn money, I wanted a get rich quick scheme. Lets be honest, who doesn’t? But as life lessons have taught me it’s not all about the fancy car you drive around in.

I came to university seeking a new challenge and aiming to change my direction in life. I wanted to study journalism because the media has always sparked curiosity for me, I love how this industry is rapidly evolving and full of opportunity. The goal for me, is to combine my love for fitness with a journalistic approach and document my progress and share it with the world. I want to work hard and be recognised for my achievements, I want that long hard slug up that impossible hill, because I know when I get there it will all be worth it ūüėČ