Review: Prepped and Packed

The best way to meal management.

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We all know the importance of diet. Understanding anybody’s success to achieving that sexy body begins with what we eat. Remember that saying? ‘You are what you eat’? That statement couldn’t be more accurate.

My biggest downfall when it came to training was the inability to consistently eat healthily whilst on the go. It was always frustrating when I spent all that time prepping my meals, only to discover when I got to work that I had forgotten something, or the food I had prepared had gone warm and stodgy. Another personal favourite of mine is when one of the containers leak and food has covered the entire contents of your bag.

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Trying to prepare all my meals for the day and keeping them fresh and contained would be impossible without this product. This product has allowed me to organise myself on a daily basis and prepare for the day ahead. It’s not just about eating healthily its helped me to organise my entire day.  I fit my three meals, protein shaker and water bottle in this bag, along with my tablet for lectures, a small towel and gym gear. Before I moved to Cheltenham, I was commuting from Oxford every day. Normally I would have three separate bags for university, the gym and food. This bag has been my life saver.


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This awesome bag is incredibly durable and looks great. It has separate compartments to fit your gym clothing, trainers, tablet device and day to day belongings. The dual main sections are to separate fresh and used gym and travel wear. Food is kept fresher for longer in a mini fridge designed compartment and allows food to stay cold for up to 10 hours. The bag itself comes with 3 BPA free food containers, BPA free customer protein shaker and a 65 page clean eating recipe booklet.

This bag is a must-have and I highly recommend. The video below is an overall review of the prepped and packed bag, it was filmed by a colleague when I use to work for Cheltenham martial arts in February 2017.



Simply the Strongest

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Simply Gym in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, held their first strong man/woman event on the 22nd April 2017 which I had the pleasure of attending.

‘Simply the Strongest’ was organised by PT Matt Kurlinkus of Maximum Personal Training and Nutrition. Matt is a personal trainer at Simply Gym and has been coaching and training the contestants in preparation for this event for the last few months.

The event was incredibly successful and had a fair number of spectators attend. A charity barbecue was also being held alongside the competition in aid of Diabetes UK. Simply gym were able to raise over £150 for charity. It was a fantastic sunny afternoon and a proud day for family and friends who attended.

The event was sponsored by Images Plus who provided the competitors strong man t-shirts. Cheltenham Mercedes also supported the event by lending the venue two fabulous cars for the competitors car pull. @IntergritaPlus for supplying the video footage, and @allaboutsportsclothing for the merchandise.


The event consisted of the following challenges:

Relay medley

Car Pull

Log Press


Crucifix Hold


Line up of competitors:

Andrew Smith

Scott Whitty

Chris Payton

Andrew Hughes

Nick Podmore

Claire Bond

Laura Stevenson

Kim Hilton-Lee

Victoria Polozenko

Throughout the day I was able to record some of the events taking place, and interview most of the contestants. It was an incredibly close contest, everybody did a tremendous job and made a fantastic achievement. The video I have submitted below is of some of the competitors and a few clips of the challenges that they undertook. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get around everybody that day, had a little malfunction with my phone. Please excuse the editing it’s not the best video I’ve done, but I hope you enjoy J please feel free to leave any comments on the home page.